Heartbreak in Heartstopper: Olivia Colman Won’t Return for S3

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Grab your tissues, Heartstopper fans! We’ve got some bittersweet news to share. Olivia Colman, our beloved Sarah Nelson, won’t be gracing us with her presence in the upcoming third season of the hit Netflix series. After two seasons of warming our hearts as Nick Nelson’s understanding mom, she’s stepping aside due to a jam-packed schedule.

Colman’s Heartfelt Farewell

In a candid chat with Forbes, 50-year-old Colman shared her regrets about not continuing her journey with the “sweet queer teen drama.” “I couldn’t fit it in,” she revealed, clearly bummed about missing out on more Heartstopper magic.

“I feel like I was part of one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever been part of,” she told the outlet.

But don’t worry—she’s leaving the door open for a possible spin-off. Imagine more screen time focused on Sarah and Nick’s bond!

“As long as it’s booked in advance, maybe I’ll be able to do it, yeah,” she said.


Fans React to the News

The Heartstopper community is buzzing with reactions. While some fans shed tears over Colman’s exit, others are scratching their heads, wondering how the show will tackle her character’s absence, especially with crucial scenes on the horizon.

Alice Oseman Weighs In

Alice Oseman, the brain behind Heartstopper, has spoken up about the tough decision. The team did everything possible to sync schedules, but it just wasn’t meant to be. However, Oseman is cooking up creative solutions to keep the essence of Nick’s story alive, particularly a cherished beach scene that fans are eager to see.

“We did not re-cast Sarah and I know many of you – comic fans especially – will be upset and concerned about how we will move forward without Nick’s mum. I know there is one scene that many of you will be looking forward to in season three, and you may be feeling disappointed and disheartened with us.”

For now, Oseman says Nick will seek out support from other characters.

What’s Next for Season Three?

Season three is shaping up to be quite the rollercoaster, with a focus on Charlie Spring’s battles and deepening romance with Nick. The show promises more intensity and even hints at increased “sexual tension” as the couple’s relationship evolves.

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And there’s more! Rumors are swirling about new faces joining the cast, including Hayley Atwell and Jonathan Bailey, adding more star power and intrigue to the mix.

In the meantime, Heartstopper seasons one and two are streaming now on Netflix.

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Heartbreak in Heartstopper: Olivia Colman Won’t Return for S3
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