In this photo a groom spoons with his best man.
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Groom and Best Man Spoon Before Wedding

Photo: Katie Byram

When John Taylor and his fiancée Lisa planned their wedding, he knew he wanted to do a “comedy shoot” with his best man, Andy Pemberton. And wedding photographer Katie Byram was the perfect girl for the job.

Byram told Buzzfeed, “I normally take photos of guys putting on their ties and button holes but they wanted something a lot less traditional and a lot more fun.”

John and Andy have been friends since 2003, so it’s only natural that they spoon from time to time.

The platonic duo became close five years ago, and fiancée Lisa is aware of their close friendship. “I think my wife knows that he comes as part of the package,” John said.

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Groom and Best Man Spoon Before Wedding
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