Girls5eva: Hitting the High Notes Again in Season 3 This March!

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Get ready to hit “play” on your Netflix queue because Girls5eva is making a grand comeback with its third season out on March 14! The new season and the first two are also landing on Netflix, ready to fill your screen with laughter, music, and a dash of nostalgia.

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Back in the Spotlight: What’s Girls5eva All About?

Imagine a ’90s girl group that had their moment under the spotlight and stepped away. Fast forward to the present, and that’s where Girls5eva picks up. Starring Sara Bareilles, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Busy Philipps, and Paula Pell, the show follows these once-famous ladies as they give fame another shot. They’re dealing with everything life throws at them, from family duties to aching shoulders, all while chasing their dream of reclaiming stardom.

The brains behind the show, including creator Meredith Scardino and executive producers like Tina Fey, are all set to bring more laughs and catchy tunes in the upcoming season. “We’re excited to bring the gang back together on Netflix and share our show with viewers worldwide,” say the producers. And if you’re sharp, you might have caught a glimpse of Girls5eva in a cheeky cameo at Woodstock ’99 in a Netflix documentary!


What’s New in Season 3?

Season 3 is all about the big comeback! Dawn, Wickie, Summer, and Gloria are not just reuniting; they’ve got a brand new album, Returnity. But what’s a music group without a tour? With no plan and just a van, they set off on an unpredictable journey to win back their spot in the limelight. They’ll face everything from wild birthday bashes to introspective moments, questioning their desires and dreams along the way. It’s a bumpy ride filled with humor, heart, and, of course, fabulous music.

Tune In Time: When to Watch

Mark your calendars for March 14 because that’s when the magic happens. Netflix is the place to be, with Season 3 dropping alongside the first two seasons for a full-on Girls5eva marathon. Whether you’re meeting the ladies for the first time or reuniting with old friends, prepare for a season filled with fun, challenges, and those catchy tunes you can’t help but love. Girls5eva is here to prove they’re not just a one-hit wonder but a forever favorite!

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Girls5eva: Hitting the High Notes Again in Season 3 This March!
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