Get Life Advice from Gay Icons in Michael Joosten’s New Book – ‘The Gay Icon’s Guide to Life’

The Ultimate Guide to Life’s Highs and Lows from Your Favorite Icons

If you’ve ever wished life came with a guidebook, look no further! The Gay Icon’s Guide to Life offers wisdom and wit from the world’s most fabulous icons, bringing their voices right to your coffee table.

A Star-Studded Collection

This colorful guide features quotes from over 70 gay icons, including legends like Beyoncé, Betty White, RuPaul, David Bowie, Judy Garland, Madonna, and Cher. Even modern stars like Ariana Grande, Billy Porter, Bowen Yang, and Leslie Jordan have their moments in the spotlight. These inspirational and refreshingly relatable quotes prove that even Oscar winners, music legends, and fashion royalty face the same ups and downs as the rest of us.

Meet the Creators

The illustrations in this fabulous book are the work of acclaimed artist Peter Emmerich, who has previously collaborated with big names like DreamWorks and The Walt Disney Company. His dynamic and vibrant illustrations perfectly capture the essence of each icon. Meanwhile, Michael Joosten, known for his books My Two Moms and Me and Pride 1 2 3, adds hilarious and insightful context to each quote, making this guide both entertaining and enlightening.

The book has already garnered rave reviews from notable figures in the LGBTQ+ community. Eric Williams, host of “That’s a Gay Ass Podcast,” called it “So perfect and Gay!!!”

Challenges and Triumphs

Despite its fabulousness, The Gay Icon’s Guide to Life faced significant challenges reaching bookstore shelves. Due to pushback and threats from homophobic retailers, the book’s distribution was severely impacted.

Michael Joosten expressed his heartbreak over these setbacks, especially since they occurred during Pride Month. “My goal was to create a book that is intergenerational, funny, inspiring, and celebrates the entertainers who are synonymous with Gay culture. I had also hoped it would serve as an inspiration for the youngest members of our community,” he added.

Get Your Copy

Despite these challenges, Joosten remains hopeful and determined to spread the joy and wisdom contained in The Gay Icon’s Guide to Life. The book is a must-have for anyone looking for a fun, uplifting, and beautifully illustrated collection of quotes from the icons we love. Find it on Amazon, Indigo, or your local bookstore.

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Get Life Advice from Gay Icons in Michael Joosten’s New Book – ‘The Gay Icon’s Guide to Life’
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