Exclusive Peek: NBC’s ‘Quantum Leap’ Features Touching Non-Binary Scene

Credit: NBC (Screengrab)

One character has a revolutionary coming-out scene in a new episode of the beloved Quantum Leap series, which continues the original show that started in 1989.

Actress and trans activist Shakina Nayfack (Difficult People, Connecting) wrote a powerful episode about a character named Dean. 

“A cursed treasure hunt draws Ben to Mexico in 1953, putting him between two estranged siblings struggling with their late father’s legacy. As they navigate a series of lethal obstacles, Ben finds the real challenge lies in repairing this broken family’s bond,” reads the official logline. 

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In the exclusive clip, we meet Dean (Wilder Yari), one of the siblings, and witness a grand moment in their journey. 

“It is a bandage, but that’s not why I wear it,” they tell their sibling while showing their binded chest.

“Wow. A trans masculine in the 50s?”

“Isn’t it dangerous though? Binding with elastic bandages?”

“Good eye. But there weren’t exactly a lot of options back then.” 

Watch the clip here! 

Quantum Leap is a sci-fi adventurous TV series on NBC. The series stars Raymond Lee as the new lead character Dr. Ben Song, along with Caitlin Bassett, Mason Alexander Park, Nanrisa Lee, and Ernie Hudson.

The introduction of the new Quantum Leap series marks a significant commitment to inclusive storytelling, particularly with LGBTQ+ themes and characters. This dedication reflects a growing awareness of the importance of diverse representation in media and its profound impact on audiences. The new series continues the legacy of the original Quantum Leap and embraces diversity and inclusion in a modern context, aligning with the evolving societal norms and values.

See more of Dean when Quantum Leap‘s “The Family Treasure” premieres on NBC on February 6 at 10 PM. 

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Exclusive Peek: NBC’s ‘Quantum Leap’ Features Touching Non-Binary Scene
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