Clueless Mom Can’t Figure Out What’s In Son’s Shower

This is a photo of a toy in a shower.

Patty Parsons is a wife, “maw maw” and mother who loves Jesus. When she found a mysterious object suctioned to the wall of her son’s shower, she turned to Twitter for help. Fortunately, they came to the rescue! That’s a Fleshlight, Patty.

In a nut shell, your son puts his dick in there and then pounds away. Silly, maw maw. Apparently, poor Patty Parsons’ troubles aren’t over; her son ordered an adorable jock strap from Andrew Christian, which he’ll probably look amazing sporting.

All jokes aside, we sincerely hope Patty Parsons loves and supports her son — no matter what. Even if he is a jockstrap wearing Fleshjack fan who takes long showers.

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