CDC Finds More Men Identify as Bisexual

This is a photo of a bisexual man riding in a car.
Avel Chuklanov

In a new report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found more men are identifying as bisexual and admit to same-sex interactions.

Researches interviewed more than 10,000 people (aged 18–44) in-person to complete the report. The participants recorded their answers anonymously on a computer, which promotes honesty and improves the results of the study.

Nearly two percent of men identified as bisexual, which is an increase of .08 percent compared to the 2010 results of a similar study. The report also found that 6.9 percent of men admit to have intimate interactions with other men. In addition, 2.8 percent of straight men reported having sex with another man.

Read the full report.

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