Buzzfeed Breaks Down Gay Lingo in Hilarious Video

Buzzfeed's "What Does 'Girl' Really Mean?" video

The gay community has been known, from time to time, to take a regular ol’ word, and give her an update — you know, something with a bit more bounce.

From “work,” to “yes,” we are redefining the way we communicate by creating new connotations for words we use every day. Once reserved for the gay community, these new meanings have now moved to a more mainstream means of communication as straight men and women, well, mostly women, take on our jargon.

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Most recently, we have helped “girl” make her comeback, and she it taking over. As featured in this brilliant video by Buzzfeed, we see that one word can have many different meanings — our tone is very telling as you will see in this short clip.

Did this video help you get your “girls” in order? We hope so. You don’t want to be the guy who uses this girl when you should have used that girl.

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