Watch Feisty Finnish Men Mud Wrestling in the Buff

Finnish Men Mud Wrestle in Swamp

From Angry Birds to saunas, Finland has blessed the world with many wondrous things. Known for its abundance of lakes, Finland earned the nickname “Land of a Thousand Lakes” because there are 187,888 of them within its borders. Although it’s a fascinating country, we’re most interested in their swamps and the people who hang out in the mud bogs.


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In a recent travel video, YouTuber Timo Wilderness (aka “that naked guy) convinced us Finland is a must-visit if you enjoy being in the wilderness. The video is entitled “SWAMP WRESTLING! (Welcome TO Finland #7)”, and it follows a group of nature enthusiasts who love wrestling in the mud of Finland’s swamps. Wetlands are incredibly prevalent in the culture of Finland; they have at least ten words that mean “swamp.”

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According to the video’s description, the Finnish words “suo,” “räme,” “letto,” “neva,” “luhta,” “lähteikkö,” “aapa,” “palsa,” “jänkä” and “korpi” are all equivalent to the word “swamp.” You learn something new every day, amirite?

Take a walk on the wild side and watch the video below!

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