‘Twilight’ Director Talks Her Dream Reboot Cast

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Catherine Hardwicke recasts Twilight with a new generation of actors, and we have some thoughts…

In a recent interview on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, Catherine Hardwicke, the director behind the 2008 supernatural drama film Twilight, hinted at the possibility of recasting the iconic roles with a fresh set of actors.

As the beloved cult classic celebrates its 15th anniversary, the filmmaker took a nostalgic trip down memory lane during a rewatch of the movie.

The conversation naturally turned towards the idea of a reboot, prompting Hardwicke and Horowitz to brainstorm a dream cast for the potential reimagination. The question arose: “Is Jacob Elordi Edward Cullen today?” Hardwicke responded enthusiastically, “Oh yeah, that would be perfect.” The prospect of Jenna Ortega stepping into the role of Bella Swan was also discussed, sparking curiosity among fans about the direction a reboot might take.

Both Elordi and Ortega have been making waves in Hollywood, with Elordi actively promoting his latest films, Saltburn and Priscilla, and Ortega gaining recognition for her roles in the Scream franchise and Wednesday series, with an upcoming starring role in the Beetlejuice sequel. Their diverse talents and ability to capture the weird and fantastic essence of Twilight have ignited speculation about what a 2.0 version of the franchise could entail.

Is a Twilight Series In the Works?

Interestingly, Variety reports that a Twilight TV series is already in the works at Lionsgate. When asked about her insights into the adaptation, Hardwicke admitted she is just as clueless as anyone else. “Maybe they don’t even know,” she mused during the podcast interview, leaving fans eager for more details about the anticipated project.

As discussions around a potential Twilight reboot continue to gain traction, fans are left wondering if a new generation of stars will bring a fresh perspective to the vampire-human love story that captured the hearts of millions. Only time will tell if Edward Cullen and Bella Swan will find new life on screen, but one thing is for sure – the Twilight universe continues to captivate audiences, old and new alike.

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‘Twilight’ Director Talks Her Dream Reboot Cast
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