Survey Shows Women Watch Gay Adult Films Excessively

This is a photo of three men.

No one wonders why straight men like girl-on-girl action. Yet, many people assume women don’t enjoy watching guys go at it. Turns out, they like watching man-on-man scenes … a lot.

A study published by PornHub (in collaboration with Buzzfeed), the world’s largest adult entertainment website, divided their 44-million visitors a day into two categories — men and women. They discovered that the top search for women was “Lesbian” followed closely by the term “Gay.”

Check out the stats:

This is a photo from a study on women who watch gay movies.

This is a photo from a study on women who watch gay movies.

This is a photo from a study on women who watch gay movies.

For male visitors, “Gay” was number seven and “Teen” was number one, which doesn’t come as a surprise — a lot of guys like ’em young. But let’s get back to the whole women watching bros bump uglies …

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Many women are embarrassed to admit they like watching adult films. Although they deny it, the blushing on their cheeks suggests otherwise. But, why are women obsessed with watching guys get it on?

First of all, masculinity is sexy. Everyone knows that. People of all genders are fascinated by manly men. And, the male form is something the human race has worshiped for millennia, but while men tends to gravitate towards watching penetration, women enjoy expressions of pleasure.

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One 2008 study showed that heterosexual women had a stronger response to images of bare women in certain poses than men in the buff. Researchers found that, to women, sensuality is more alluring than those performing an intimate act.

“Women physically don’t seem to differentiate between genders in their sex responses, at least heterosexual women don’t,” Dr. Meredith Chivers, a leading investigator in female sexuality research, told the Times. She added, “For heterosexual women, gender didn’t matter. They responded to the level of activity.”

Who knew so many women were watching gay guys get down? Yet another reason we get along sooooo well. To learn more about sexual fluidity, watch the video below!

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