Straight Guys Are Very Into Vibrators Right Now

Man using a computer and masturbating in bed

Contrary to popular belief, straight guys like a little butt play. Don’t believe us; you don’t have to. Maybe you’ll believe sex expert Allison Kirshbaum, who conducted a survey on what men like when they masturbate. What do they like you ask? We already told you, you just didn’t take our word for it, remember?

Kirshbaum’s research verified that 1 in 3 men, gay and straight, use vibrators while working their willy. The investigation also revealed that approximately 1 in 3 men “Stimulate Their Anus” during self-service, while only 1 in 4 says they actually “Insert an Object” when alone.

A char showing how men play with themselves.

So what’s the reason for this erotic experimentation during solo stimulation? Stigma. Thanks to societal expectations surrounding the sexual habits of heterosexual men, most males worry their anal interest will be emasculating.

It’s time for straight men to start talking openly about their interests when being intimate. The only way to take away the taboo is if straight guys are open and honest about their butts.


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