James Franco and Keagan Allen in 'King Cobra'

13 Straight Actors in Steamy Gay Roles

King Cobra

11. Benedict Sandiford in Wilde (1997)
Did you read the caption above? He bared it all for his role in Wilde and shared some extremely streamy moments with Jude Law.
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Colin Firth in 'A Single Man'

12. Colin Firth in A Single Man (2009)
Daddy! Colin Firth’s character in A Single Man is lusting after the much-younger Nicholas Hoult. In one scene, we see both men go skinny-dipping.
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Nicholas Hoult in 'A Single Man'

13. Nicholas Hoult in A Single Man (2009)
Nicholas Hoult plays a student named Kenny Potter, who shows interest in a middle-aged English college professor named George (Colin Firth). His characters disregards conventional boundaries of student-professor discussion, and things heat up pretty quickly.
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13 Straight Actors in Steamy Gay Roles

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