Pietro Boselli Sits for the Cover of 'Yummy'

Pietro Boselli Sits for the Cover of ‘Yummy’

Giampaolo Sgura for Yummy

Model and math teacher Pietro Boselli covers Yummy zine.

Pietro Boselli is one of the most handsome educators on the planet. But, he’s also a hugely successful male model and distinguished scholar. Boselli was born in Negrar, Italy, and was discovered at age six by a scout. After his career as a model for Armani Junior, Boselli chose to finish his education. He graduated from University College London with several degrees.

“I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and then my Ph.D. was, more specifically, Computational Fluid Dynamics. What I do is design turbines for power plants. It’s very computational and very mathematical.” Boselli said when asked about his love for arithmetic.

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Clearly, Boselli is intelligent, but he’s more famous for his bulging muscles, beautiful skin, and Herculean features. If you’ve seen Boselli model underwear, you know what we’re talking about. In the newest issue of Yummy zine, the Italian heartthrob took it all off for the cover.

The zine shared a safe for work version of the cover on its Instagram account, but you can see the full version on the Yummy website.


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Pietro Boselli Sits for the Cover of ‘Yummy’

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