Frat Boy Plays Ping Pong with His Ding Dong

This is a photo of a guy playing ping pong.

Frat boys are known for partying really hard, but this ping pong shot kicks it up a notch. We’re not sure who this guy is or where he goes to school, but one thing is certain — if college doesn’t work out, he can fallback on his ping-pong prowess.

While we can’t show you the video here (annoying, we know), you can click the link below to experience it in all its 8-second glory. If you’re not able to watch the video, here’s a synopsis: a blond frat boy plays ping pong with his ding dong.

Ok, he probably didn’t play an entire game, but he successfully strokes the ball with his flaccid bat smashing it back to his opponent. Impressive, right?

Watch the ding dong ping pong shot!


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