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The Most Common Fetishes in the United States

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Are there regional trends to these fetishes? The map below organizes the most popular fetishes in the South, West, Northeast, and Midwest.

As you can see, masochism, sadism, or BDSM as a whole is popular in three out of the four U.S. regions–except for the Midwest. We suppose they’re just too polite! Instead, Midwesterners prefer sports gear and group play, though, so maybe they’re not so innocent after all.

In the South, suits are another most popular fetish. The Northeast has a whopping nine tied for most popular, including BDSM, sadism, balloons, edging, group play, leather, nylons, sounding, and of course, the classic foot fetish. What’s going on up there, northerners? It certainly sounds fun.

We tallied up the most popular fetishes in the United States in order. It makes for a fascinating list. You can view that chart below.

We were surprised to learn that there are so many unique popular fetishes in the U.S. Many states have something they alone can call their favorite, which just goes to show how varied human desire can be! And we think that’s a beautiful thing.

Did the Fetish Map of the United States of America shock you, intrigue you, or teach you something new? We certainly hope so, especially the latter, as that’s our goal here on Future Edition. We encourage our readers to practice safe play and pay special attention to how they prepare to play, which can truly heighten any experience you choose to experience by adding an ever-important factor: peace of mind.

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The Most Common Fetishes in the United States

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