8 Shots of Benjamin Selleck Bulging in LAZOSCHMIDL Briefs

8 Shots of Model Benjamin Selleck Bulging in His Briefs

Model Benjamin Selleck Bulging in His Lazoschmidl Briefs
Doug Inglish

LAZOSCHMIDL’s logo briefs are “bulging with stamina and anticipation.”

As a brand, LAZOSCHMIDL‘s primary goal is to get you laid, and that objective has formed the brand’s entire foundation. Invented by creative director Andreas Schmidl and head of design Josef Lazo, this queer-centric fashion label is back with a sleek logo brief that’s sexy, simple and sophisticated.

“There is a huge market gap when it comes to men’s underwear, ranging from the ordinary to the outrageous,” they explain of the underwear market topped by artless attempts at sexuality. Far detached from the mesh jockstraps and padded butts of other brands, LAZOSCHMIDL’s briefs are tailor-made for modern queer men.

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The signature briefs feature two circular cut-outs on the back to offer an ode to the notorious peach emoji you just used on Grindr and, on the waistband, the logo is mirror-ready for the high-quality selfies your hookup deserves.

As noted by the brand, “The playfulness and fetishization of self behind closed doors or in the public (of social media) is a new generational reality that demands new modes of wearing underwear, dressing and undressing, hiding and revealing.”

Scroll through the steamy summer photos of LAZOSCHMIDL’s bulging briefs.

Photographer: Doug Inglish
Model: Benjamin Selleck


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