Marathon Runner’s Penis Pops out as He Crosses the Finish Line

Marathon Runner Jozef Urban

Last Sunday, runner Jozef Urban, 31, placed 10th in Europe’s oldest marathon, the Košice Peace Marathon in Slovakia. Urban completed the 26.2-mile race in 2 hours, 21 minutes, 51 seconds. According to the Association of Road Running Statisticians, this is a career-best for Urban, whose previous best was 2:22:18, or 27 seconds longer.

Although his athleticism is incredibly impressive, everyone is obsessed with his penis. As Urban crossed the finish line, his twig and berries flopped out of his shorts.

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Urban’s penis bounced around for a quite a while, and he didn’t seem to notice or care. At one point, he gave a spectator a high-five, and even after finishing the race, his junk stayed out to enjoy the breeze.

It remains out for all to see until he completes the marathon, at which point video shows him panting and leaning over, recovering from the race.

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