Man Caught Wanking With an Eggplant Up His Bum

Man on a bus with an eggplant.

Meanwhile in Thailand, a guy chose to masturbate publicly on a long bus ride with an eggplant up his bum.

However, while the rest of the travelers were either on their phones or sleeping, Bee Sontaya and his friend were not. They were sitting behind the man, and later posted the video on Facebook.

Sontaya writes: “Warning: There was a pervert masturbating in a public van. #EggplantsTheScaryPart.” His friend shot the video and confirmed that the unidentified man was on a long journey to Central Thailand — long indeed.

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In the video, you can see him moving from one seat to another with an eggplant poking out of his sarong. As soon as he sits, he begins to masturbate slowly, hoping no one sees him.

He seems to enjoy the eggplant, and the vegetable seems to enjoy him. However, I am sure the rest of the passengers were incredibly disappointed when they realized what they were smelling was not eggplant parmesan …
You can watch the totally innapropriate video below and see for yourself.

H/T: Daily Mail

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