Male Escorts Are Making Bank at the Republican National Convention

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Male prostitutes claim to be making bank in Cleveland this week during the Republican National Convention. Attendees of the RNC — mostly married — have been high rolling it for sex (surprise, surprise).

“Business has been way better. I’ve seen ten clients so far,” one male escort told the New York Post. “Most of them were first-timers. You could tell they were nervous, but once they became more comfortable, they seemed to be having a good time.”

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In just four days, one prostitute earned $1,600, which is six times the amount he usually makes: “I normally make $200 to $300,” he told the New York Post. “But I’ve been seeing lots of guys in hotels downtown [near the Quicken Loans Arena].”

According to the unidentified escorts, their clientele was mainly married white men between 40 and 50.  “One of them was from Texas and visiting for the convention,” one said. “He said he was a politician.”

Another escort said his standard rate was $250 an hour but has seen an influx to about $800 per day since the convention. “Usually, I need to go out of town,” he chuckled (counting his dollars I’m sure).

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Some of these guys are asking for freaky sh*t. In fact, one requested to get off in the corner while watching his wife in bed with the escort. But when it comes to Republicans on the down low, this isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

“When it comes to anything people aren’t supposed to be doing, they like to do it,” one escort said. “The Republicans have a lot of delegates in the closet, let’s put it that way.”

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To test the theory, New York Post contacted female prostitutes to see if they were bringing in the cash too. Guess what — they weren’t. One of the ladies even said that business is “slower than usual.”

Thank God for the Post!

H/T: New York Post

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