Logan Paul Responds to Rumors of 'Leaked Gay Sex Tape'

Logan Paul Responds to Alleged ‘Leaked Gay Sex Tape’

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Logan Paul’s alleged gay sex tape leaked.

Although many of his fans question the validity of the rumored tape, the vlogger-turned-boxer trended on social media on Saturday night following the clip’s release.

Logan Paul, 24, wasted no time in commenting on the video, neither confirming nor denying whether or not its actually him. Earlier today, he took to Twitter, saying, “100k retweets and I’ll release the full sex tape.”

He then looped YouTuber James Charles into the conversation, adding, “James Charles ur next, [sic]” before later adding his brother Jake Paul in a now-deleted message.

Charles quickly replied, “Sorry bro I only go for straight guys.”

Paul also tweeted, “When clickbait turns to dā€”k bait.”

He then starred in a video uploaded by Mike Majlak in which he said he’d take a shot in a minute because he was “currently in a dā€”k sucking controversy.”

The Internet exploded in the discussion about the identity of the men in the gay sex tape. Many cast their suspicions over the clip and questioned it was, in fact, the influencer, and other YouTubers joined the discussion.

His brother shared a screenshot of a message he’d sent Paul encouraging his big bro to look at Twitter.

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“Check Twitter, trending,” his messages read, as he continued: “apparently u sucked a guys dā€”k. [sic]”

According to the screenshot, Paul ostensibly replied, “I did?! WHEN?!”, His brother replied, “lolol just a video of some guy apparently that looks like u. [sic]”

Earlier this year, Paul was had to defend comments he was “going gay for a month” in a podcast with LGBTQ rights activist Josh Seefried. He clarified that his intention to explore his sexuality was genuine.

In January, the controversial vlogger said, “March ā€“ it’s male-only March. We’re gonna attempt to go gay for just one month.”

Much of the LGBTQ community hit back at Paul for his remarks, claiming that he suggested that being gay was a choice.

Gayety reached out to Paul’s reps for comment.

Logan Paul Responds to Alleged ‘Leaked Gay Sex Tape’

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