Straight Guy Bottoms for the First Time

Straight Guy Tries Booty Play for the First Time

Photo: YouTube

In the gay community, bottom shaming is a serious problem. Many men who have sex with men think that being a bottom makes a person less of a man. But, in reality it takes a strong man to bottom. Even amateur bodybuilder Michael Hoffman enjoys a little action; he could do a straight guy bottoms sequel.

In the video below, YouTube sensation Davey Wavey enlisted the help of a straight guy to prove that bottoming is an enjoyable and critical aspect of male same-sex relationship. The straight guy talks about societal taboos around men and their butts and attempts to break down those cultural prohibitions.

The stigma straight men associate with having something up their butts correlates directly to the bottom shaming within the gay community. In mainstream society, when a man enjoys play, it means he’s probably gay. But, that’s obviously not the case.

Watch as this straight guy bottoms for the first time.


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