Why Every Gay Man Should Take Pure for Men

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Just between us boys — bottoming isn’t exactly the easiest thing to accomplish, and many of us aren’t blessed with metabolisms from the butt-love gods. However, in today’s world, there is no excuse for a dirty booty — especially with Pure for Men on the market.

As someone who’s taken Pure for Men for months, I can confidently say it’s changing the way men have sex with men. When you take Pure for Men, it cleanses your digestive tract and renews your hole. So, if you bottom regularly ­— trust me — you want to pay attention:

1. It’s better than your grandma’s fiber

Before you hate on Pure for Men and say it’s “just another fiber supplement,” take a minute to understand that all fiber supplements are not created equal. I tried the alternatives and, believe me, Pure for Men is in a league of its own.

The developers at Pure for Men invented a unique recipe which combines premium fibers Chia, Flaxseed and Psyllium husk. When taken in pill form, the fibers swell inside your digestive track into a soft solid mass, which passes through your body, collecting all the junk inside your gut all the way to the colon.

The ending result is a squeaky clean hole and worry-free ass play. In the grand scheme of things, it’s more than about sex. A clean gut helps you detox built up waste, which over time can lead to serious issues in your colon. As a result, you’re in a much better mood and feel less bloated. To learn more about how it works, watch the video below.

2. You won’t need to douche as often

You know those moments when you’re in the shower and know you’re totally clean and ready for action. The more you take Pure for Men, the more often you’ll feel the satisfaction of a clean butt, guaranteed!

Douching, while beneficial before sex, isn’t the best thing for your body long term. Depending on what tool you use, it is easy to create tears inside your colon that could boost your risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections.

Pure for Men keeps the douching at bay; at the very least it reduces the frequency and time spent douching.

3. You can bottom spontaneously

I don’t know about you, but I am not a super bottom. We all know the type: a super bottom is a guy who can bottom at any second of the day without worrying about making a mess. Seriously, how the hell do they do it?

With the help of Pure for Men, we can all be Super Bottoms, which means more unplanned bottoming with your man. You won’t have to make excuses or threaten to take away sex if he buys us Taco Bell.

4. You’ll feel more confident

There’s nothing better than sexual freedom. A lot of that has to do with feeling confident in our bodies and what it can do. Anal sex is always going to come with a little bit of anxiety because you never really know how clean we are until he slips it in.

When it comes to having amazing anal sex, Pure for Men is priceless. Most of the anxiety fades, which leads to more experimentation and hotter sex. It frees inhibition in a way that’s incredibly gratifying both for you and your man.

5. Anal sex is better than ever

I’m not going to have a highbrow and say that anal sex is effortless. It isn’t and it takes practice to get it right. For guys like me who need a little help in that department, Pure for Men is the only solution — period.

It’s not just about having sex; it’s about having great sex; the kind of sex that you see in porn. While straight people can have sex on a whim, gay guys, unfortunately, are left to the constraints of their body. When you free your body of the crap (literally), you’re left with spontaneous sex, and it’s outstanding.

After all, a clean gut is a happy colon, and a clean colon is a happy bottom. Don’t take our word for it — try Pure for Men.


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