Straight Guys Reveal Their Gay for Pay Rates

Straight man going gay for pay

I love Reddit. It’s not because of the surplus of random things; it’s because when anonymity is in play, people tend to be more honest.

Especially when it comes to sex.

A few days ago, a Reddit user named Insecular wrote, “Straight guys of Reddit, a gay man offers you $600 to have sex with him, would you?” The replies poured in from straight and queer men, and surprisingly, many of the hetero guys admitted they’d accept the offer.

It turns out, Insecular, who identifies as straight, was cruising for women on Craigslist when a gay man made him a unique offer. Although Insecular explicitly said he wasn’t interested in guys, the unidentified man offered him $600 to top them bareback. Naturally, the cash piqued his interest, so he took to Reddit to ask other straight bros for advice.

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“I’d do it for that amount. No big deal,” Isimagen wrote. “I don’t think it’s something to be ashamed of doing or anything. It’s more sad to me on his part. There are so many guys who would do it for free.”

Another user, CuriousBigGuyThoAwy, was interested in what Insecular wrote on Craigslist to warrant the offer so he can “copy it and hope for something like this.” He continued: “As a gay guy I’m curious what in your ad or pics got his attention for that kind of money. And no, I wouldn’t do it bare period. I thought cool when you first posted, no big deal for some cash. But, bare? No way. Not even for women on hookups or random.”

“Condoms involved? Sure, why not,” Southsamuri added. “I pay my damn doctor to finger me once a year as it is. I dunno if I could maintain an erection long enough to do a guy well enough as a top though. Depends on the guy I guess. I’m fucking poor by the standards of my country. 600 bucks, fifteen minutes of time and a bit of discomfort? Way better than trying to recycle crap for money.”

“I would pitch for significantly less,” HighTreason25 said.

“600 bucks is 600 bucks,” as1300ad advised, to which Insecular responds, “Heavily considering, $600 is $600 for a night of regret.”

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“I think in general men are more afraid of their own gender, or arsehole, than women are,” Bitch-Lips preached, “If you gender reversed this question, I reckon you’d get almost all yes’s.” Unoadonme agreed as so long as certain conditions are met: “He’s freshly showered, preferably shaved, and is drug and disease free.”

Despite the overwhelming number of people who supported the deal, some Redditors expressed concern. “Nope. Been offered,” Machinegnsntits said. “Been offered easier things like jacking off on cam, selling underwear.. and I’m always in need of $. The thing about it to me, and I’m not homophobic or anti-gay … (love and sex are beautiful in all forms) is that I feel like I would truly lose a part of me that I respect, and part of my soul. I’ve done some shady and wrong shit for money, but just can’t do the gay thing.”

Ok, so obviously not all straight men are willing to go gay for pay, but it’s fascinating to learn that many of them have a price.

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