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These 7 Things Are Sure to Make You Scream This Halloween

Shirtless man holding a pumpkin on Halloween

Halloween is known as the “gay Christmas” for a reason. It’s that special time of year when we can go all out, get campy, dress in whatever we want (no matter how crazy or skimpy), indulge in our vices a bit, and have a gay ol’ time.

From raging, themed block parties to neighborhood bar costume contests, harvest festivals to house parties, you have a lot of options for how to spend Halloween each year — not to mention who you can spend it with! Whether you’re in a committed relationship, living the single life or enjoying something in the middle, we have a list of ghostly gear that’s sure to make you scream (for all the right reasons) this Halloween season.

1. Creature from the Black Lube-goon
Nothing gets you slippery, wet and ready for all the screams like a quality lube. No matter what kind of creature you hope to take home this Halloween, make sure you’ve got plenty of lube on hand. Elbow Grease Original is a favorite, and comes in two convenient sizes, 4 oz or 15 oz.

2. Friday the 13+ Inches
Thirteen may traditionally be an unlucky number, but when it includes 13 modes of vibrating fun, we’ll take it! The Onslaught 13 Mode Dildo is 13+ inches of vibrating pleasure. It even includes bulging vein texturing for maximum realistic penetration, along with an easy-to-grip handle to make thrusting a breeze. Now if only we could get Jason to trade in his signature machete for this bad boy instead.

3. The Bum-my
Keeping the goods under wraps this Halloween is just no fun! Even if you’re costume covers up your perky tush this Halloween, there’s nothing saying you can’t show a little skin later in the evening. So take a page out of this classic movie monster’s playbook, unwrap, and let your assets speak for themselves. The Wet Look Jock should do the trick.

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4, The Cock-Ring
Seven days … of pleasure, and then some! You don’t need to be stuck in a well or crawl out of television sets to take advantage of the incredible sensations a cock ring can provide. While there are so many options to choose from (metal, leather, rubber), this Halloween you should definitely go with the Power Ring. It’s sleek, black design is sure to match whatever your costume may be.

5. Paranorm-anal Activity
Set up a video camera and get ready to scare up a sexy good time. Whether you’re a top, a bottom or versatile, having your prostate milked for all it’s worth is one of the most mind-blowing experiences a man can have. The Bad-Boy Anal Prostate Toy offers hands-free stimulation that will haunt you for hours and hours. No ghost required.

6. The Bare-wolf
If you play your cards right this Halloween, you’ll be howling at the moon before you know it. Tap into your wild side and let your inner animal free with the Pedigree Puppy Tail Plug. Give that tight hole a nice stretch with this playful plug, perfect for puppy play. And if it fits your costume, you can wear it all night, just to keep things interesting.

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7. Night of the Giving Head
Receiving quality head is a surefire way to make you moan like the hungriest of zombies. Whether you’re playing with a partner (or two!) this Halloween, or flying solo, add a little extra pleasure to the mix with the AdamMale Head to Head Cyberskin Stroker. Perfect for foreplay, or to keep the party going, this toy will make you rise in no time.

However you choose to celebrate this Halloween, make sure you’re prepared for some scary good fun. AdamMale is your one-stop-shop for all your sex gear needs, from lube to toys to underwear and more. In honor of the gayest of holidays, make sure to use code GAYETY at checkout to save 35 percent off the highest priced item in your cart.

Stay safe and have a spook-tacular (and sexy) Halloween!


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