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Pure for Men Is Cleaning the Holes of Gay Men Everywhere

Pure for Men and how to avoid a bottom disaster with Max Emerson.

PureWord on the gay street is buzzing about an all natural product changing the way gay guys hook up. Trust me — it’s everything we’ve prayed for.

Pure for Men is a supplement geared for bottoms that have trouble staying squeaky clean (up there). But before you think it’s just another “fiber” supplement, think again.

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As a result, bottoming is much easier (and way less messy). Judging by some of their reviews, it’s an amazing product. Some customers have said the product cut douching time in half, and many guys claim to have stopped douching altogether. Now that’s a miracle!

Check out the video Eric Angelo and Max Emerson made, which sums up it up perfectly:

This special cocktail mix is said to be the perfect combination of premium fibers: Psyllium husk, chia seed powder and flaxseed powder. Together, they act like a magnet all the way down your digestive track, picking up remnants and cleaning your tubes, making it clean as a whistle so you can bottom confidently. If you need to see a diagram, here’s how Pure for Men actually works:


There are many benefits of implementing dietary fiber, but Pure for Men says the best are:

  • Gives bulk and form to your bowel movements

  • Picks up excess debris left in your digestive tract

  • Lowers your risk of heart disease

I have to admit, there’s never been an all natural supplement quite like this on the gay market before, and I’m all over it! To find our more information, visit PureforMen.com.

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