How to Make Your Man Climax Like Crazy

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The best kind of climax starts early and lasts for a very long time. From the first kiss, our senses begin to spark, awaiting the inevitable climax of release. However, to achieve this, you need to know the basics on how to conjure his sensations.

It takes more than saliva and penetration to have an intense climax. You need mental and emotional stimulation, which can be just as hard to find as anything else. However, if you have the tools, it’s easier than you might think. Here are some that never fail:

1. Manage time

You have to practice meditation to get this right. While your hearts might be going a thousand miles a minute, you need to take a mental step back. Let time freeze and be in your control. Be the master of your pace and rhythm, and as he continues to giddyup, suck his mind and body like a time-traveling vampire. Be out of your body.

He’s yours, his body is yours, and you’re the controller of time. As your head bobs up and down his piece, own every single bit of it. Your lips are not of this world, neither are your kisses. Knock him silly with your calmness, your patience and your relentless desire to shift his constructs.

2. Set the scene

My ex-boyfriend was really into Game of Thrones, so one night I surprised him with a medieval-themed night of love. He came home to me in the middle of a circle of white candles in the living room – a sacrificial lamb. The lights were turned off, and I was in a white jockstrap. He didn’t know what to do with himself, until I said, “Come here…”

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Setting the scene can be anything, whether it’s lighting incense, turning on some music, smoking a little pot, or giving a massage. Let the atmosphere scream sensuality, and his mind will succumb to the body.

3. Slip him a slider

By this I mean slowly slide your mouth all the way down the base of his peen. Once you’re there, act like your mouth is a vacuum and suck gently while slowly dragging yourself back up his shaft. Once you get to the head, suck it like a tootsie pop.

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Oral doesn’t always need to be fast like an animalistic ritual. To seep into his mental and emotional states, you need to penetrate more than just his body. You got to make him squirm with desire.

4. Build anticipation

Building anticipation is the secret to a fantastic climax. It’s all about the buildup. Make sure he doesn’t get the full enchilada right away—unless it’s a Grindr hookup, in which case the wham-bam-thank you man is appropriate. The biggest thing about anticipation has nothing to do with naked bodies, but mental stimulation. It starts early.

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For example, while he’s cooking give him a little kiss on the back of the neck to give him goosebumps—this will send shock waves all the way down his nerves. 20 minutes later, rub his inner thigh and kiss his forearm with minimal saliva to get the nerves going again. Not long after that, start kissing him gently, and work your way down his shirt, slowly unbuttoning it. At this point his body has been stimulated for the last hour—it’ll be dying to explode.

5. Commit

The biggest turn off is when a man doesn’t commit to what he’s doing. It’s incredibly important you don’t apologize for anything—not literally, but emotionally.

Nothing sucks more than having a guy subconsciously ask permission or check in to make sure everything is “okay” when all he’s doing is picking you up and shifting positions—of course I’m okay, keep going!

Know what you’re doing to him, and strive to be in control of time. You are the master of your body and his, own it and relish in it. He will match whatever attitude you bring—if you lack confidence, he’ll lose enthusiasm real quick. Committing to his pleasure doesn’t mean you need to act like a rapist; it just means you need to stop being insecure in your abilities.

6. Don’t fake anything

The more you pretend you’re an adult film star, he will probably end up doing the same. You will both ejaculate, of course, but it will be artificial and far off from any reality.

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We’re human, not adult actors on a computer screen. To have a real body shaking, moan for days, toe-curling, tummy-trembling orgasm, we need to set our priorities here — the real world. It’s the only way we will connect with our authentic selves and forget about all the crap we watch in adult films.

David Artavia is an actor and writer from New York City. He loves living vicariously through his friends. Follow him on Twitter and Like his Facebook page


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