9 Exercises Guaranteed to Make You a Better Bottom

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I don’t care if you think you’re God’s gift to bottoming, we all could use some help. Whether you’re a gym rat or new to working out, I’ve collected some pretty easy stretches and workouts that will make you a better bottom in just a few weeks.

Being a good bottom requires more than just mental preparedness; it’s physical, too. You need to control your breathing, sphincter and hip flexors to not only rock his world, but to rock yours, too. The trick is to connect your mind and body, so you can access both whenever you need them, and it’s easier than you think:

1.  Meditation

Never (and I mean NEVER) underestimate the power of meditation when it comes to relaxing your body. It will clear your mind, breaking up the emotional barriers that could prevent you from enjoying being a bottom. When you get the hang of it, meditation will allow you to tell your body to relax on command. The best part of meditation is that you can do it anywhere (except for while your driving).

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The trick is to empty your mind of all thoughts, which is also the hardest part of the exercise. Mastering meditation could take time, but once you do, you will be so connected to your body that many physical activities will get easier. When you bottom after meditating, you can focus on the pleasure and helping your top find his groove.

2. Gluteal Stretches

Stretching your glutes is crucial, not only to prevent injuries, but also to give you a sense memory when you need your glutes to relax during intercourse. When you can relax your glutes, you can calm your whole body — your gluteal muscles are some of the biggest muscles you have. If they’re tight, they’ll strain everything while making your hole too tight to handle a pounding. Here’s exercise to try:

  • Lean onto a wall while putting the arm touching the wall above you.
  • Then, cross the opposite leg over the one against the wall.
  • Lean into the wall and feel the stretch. Repeat the steps above on the opposite side.

You can also use a foam roller. Watch the video below for a quick how-to guide.

3. Three-Pose Plank

People think planking is easy because all you do is hold yourself up — but don’t be fooled. Planking does wonders for your digestive system because it aligns your spine, little by little, over time (like braces for your teeth). This straightens the command system to the rest of your organs. Your spinal cord is a messenger — a strong spine makes for stronger (and more concise) communication. This helps with EVERYTHING.

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You shouldn’t break in-between these three planks, and it should last about three-and-a-half minutes:

  • First Pose: Lie flat on your stomach. Pick yourself up by the elbows, which should be shoulder-width apart and centered. Hold for about a minute (or two), then release.
  • Second Pose: Lie sideways and prop yourself up on your elbow. Lift and hold for one minute.
  • Third Pose: Switch to the other side and do the same thing you did for the second pose.

Once you’ve done each pose, end with a praying pose on the ground to stretch your back. If you have another set in you, do it a couple more times.

4. Interval Training

Intervals change your metabolism while increasing your stamina. Whether on a treadmill or at the park, all it takes is a combination of fast/slow with very little breaks in between.

I like to start by sprinting for 45-seconds to a minute, then walking (or jogging) for another minute. Repeating this several times (about ten to fifteen) will give you a nice “after burn” effect, which will help burn off fat rather than calories.

Here’s a hot guy dancing on a treadmill … just because. You, too, can be as happy:

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