Harry Styles Tells Nick Jonas' Wreck Me Daddy' on SNL

Harry Styles Tells Nick Jonas ‘Wreck Me Daddy’ on SNL


Harry Styles was thirsty AF for Nick Jonas on Saturday Night Live.

During his guest appearance on Saturday Night Live, Harry Styles hosted the show and took part in several sketches. In one, he played a funeral DJ, and in another, he referred to himself as “pig boy.” While those were funny, the sketch everyone is talking about starred Styles as a gay social media intern for the food brand Sara Lee.

Styles’ character was summoned into a meeting to talk about several off-brand posts and comments on the company’s Instagram account. One of the incidents involved commenting “wreck me daddy” and “destroy me king” on a photo of Nick Jonas.

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After clarifying that he confused his personal account with the Sara Lee account, his supervisors (Cecily Strong, Bowen Yang) discussed other problematic posts, including a remark about “getting railed to death” that was left on a “random fashion twinks” post.

He also captioned the company’s photos with stories about his love life, including: “Feeling really depressed after threesome. What was supposed to be a fantasy ended up more rejection. Must get rid of toxic in community.”

After receiving a formal warning, he continued: “Full honesty, today Sara Lee DM’d Shawn Mendes saying, ‘Check out this special holiday promotion’ … a picture of my open throat.”

Watch the entertaining sketch below!

Harry Styles Tells Nick Jonas ‘Wreck Me Daddy’ on SNL
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