Gay Teen Comes Out on Prom Night in Hallmark Short Film

Gay Teen Comes Out on Prom Night in Hallmark Short

Hallmark will have you feeling some sort of way with their latest short video. The Hallmark Channel, best known for their, well, corny TV movies, just released an amazing short on their app, Feeln. You know, because Hallmark makes you feel … for every occasion. This occasion? Coming out.

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The short tells a story of a young man who courageously comes out to his father on prom night as the two prepare for his date to arrive — obviously there is an assortment of emotion, but in the end, love overcomes all else. Like many of their network movies, “The Beginning” is meant to teach a life lesson, one of acceptance and understanding.

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We have to give it to Hallmark, who simplified a sometimes complicated conversation. Coming out should be an easy experience where you’re embraced by loved ones. This video could serve as a “How To” for parents on the proper way to respond when you child says “I’m gay.”


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