Gay-Friendly Puerto Vallarta Beach Club Fined After Public Sex

Gay-Friendly Puerto Vallarta Beach Club Fined After Public Sex


This takes PDA to a whole new level.

Things are heating up in Puerto Vallarta, and I’m not talking about the weather. Unfortunately, I’m talking about how a — probably heavily intoxicated — the couple decided to sow their wild oats in a public swimming pool. In full view of a public beach.

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The couple was either unaware or unconcerned about the fact that they were being filmed. Mantamar Beach Club just happens to have elevated swimming pools with glass walls that look out onto the sand and sea. Local authorities were less than impressed and the beach club was fined 2,000 pesos (approximately $1,000).

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So let’s unpack this.

We’re all about sexual liberation, but obviously, there are contexts where that is an is not appropriate. Puerto Vallarta may be a gay-friendly hotspot, but that was hard-won. The straights are a fickle lot and are ready to cherry-pick any instance of, let’s call it “homosexual social impropriety” and use it to build a monumental strawman.

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In fact, a local LGBT group is already doing rounds in an attempt to clean up this mess. Colectivo Vallarta LGBT issued a statement of disapproval, saying “sexuality is something to be enjoyed, provided it doesn’t impact on third parties.” Something that should be obvious to anyone who understands consent. It went on to say that such behavior could “impact on the reputation of the local LGBTQ community.”

It’s a real problem that the actions of any individual — or in this case, two people — could reflect on an entire group of people. The same standard isn’t applied to straight people. Can we all just agree that this is just a case of two people being assholes?

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In the meantime, if you want to have sex in a swimming pool, make it your own.

Gay-Friendly Puerto Vallarta Beach Club Fined After Public Sex

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