Timothy Hughes

‘Frozen’ Star Snatches Pro-Trump Banner From Audience Member


In case you weren’t aware, everyone is welcome on Broadway … everyone but Donny Trump.

The theater is notoriously an entertainment medium that welcomes all individuals. The theater does not judge or ridicule — it embraces and accepts — so when one audience member showed up with a banner supporting Trump’s 2020 election, it was abruptly snatched out of the air.

So, what happened? Did another spectator swiftly swipe the signage? Oh no, even better. One of the ensemble cast members reached right off the stage to steal the red, white and blue banner.

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Timothy Hughes, who plays Grand Pabbie Troll in Frozen the Broadway Musical, wasn’t going to let a Trump supporter spread any of the president’s hateful rhetoric during the cast curtain call, so he took it upon himself to quickly grab and dispose of the MAGA merch.

Watch the truly magical moment below.

‘Frozen’ Star Snatches Pro-Trump Banner From Audience Member
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