Baseball Stud Randal Grichuk Hits Home Run with Revealing Pic

Randal Grichuk Hits Homerun with Revealing Selfie.

At 24 years old, Randal Grichuk is one of the youngest players on the St. Louis Cardinals roster. The Texas-born center fielder attended the University of Arizona and was drafted by the Cardinals in 2014 after playing for the Angels for nearly four years.

For obvious reasons, Grichuk is very popular with gay MLB fans, and now that we’ve seen his “bat,” we’re fangirling big time. Somehow his Tumblr fandom got ahold of one of his dick pics, and his wood is harder than a Louisville Slugger.

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Obviously, the photo isn’t appropriate for work, but he hit a homerun when he snapped this pic. Click here to sneak a peek at what the Internet thinks is Randal Grichuk’s wood. #ItsDefinitelyFake


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