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Zac Efron Gets Poked in the Face by a Peen

This is a photo of Zac Efron from 'Dirty Grandpa'.

If you haven’t seen Dirty Grandpa, you’re seriously missing out. Zac Efron gets nearly naked multiple times, and Robert De Niro is hysterically inappropriate. Apparently, there is a (deleted?) scene that shows Efron waking up to his grandpa’s sizable schlong resting serenely on his cheek.

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Our friends at Cocktails & Cocktalk found a couple of scandalous GIFs from the cut (get it?) scene, which you definitely shouldn’t watch at work (just sayin’). Here’s a play by play: Jason Kelly (Efron) wakes up to the intimate caress of a big dong resting very close to his eye. In the second GIF, he scrambles to get out of bed and swats the winky away.

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According to People, it’s prosthetic. Yet, somehow, these GIFs are simultaneously funny and hot. Honestly, we’ve been waiting for this moment since Troy graduated from East High School in that one Disney Channel movie. If you’re in an appropriate place to look at weiners, click here.


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