Fashion Model Joshua Trusty Shares Sensual Selfies

Joshua Trusty and Jayson Smith
Instagram / dashthree

Instagram is full of thirst traps, but this private account might be our favorite. It belongs to Joshua Trusty, a New York-based model who happens to be married to one of the hottest Marines in the world, Jayson Smith. Although Trusty’s account is private, several of his incredibly titillating selfies surfaced online.

I have an addiction to cuddles ?

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Most of the time, the husbands post charming selfies and astonishingly intimate photos from their lives. However, behind their relatively safe for work Instagram personas, the couple also share photos of their not-so-private play time together.

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The pop culture blog PopGlitz recently shared photos of the duo in some insanely hot situations. The photos are a little too sexy for our pages, but here’s the TL;DR summary. Trusty posted a photo of his abs and exposed long shlong with the words “fag” and “my pup” scrolled penned across his bare body accompanied by arrows pointing towards his manhood. We assume he’s referencing his husband who undoubtedly worships Trusty’s willy.

Pay attention to meeee @_jtrusty !!!!

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The collection of snapshots also include a photo of the couple in harnesses and a selfie of featuring Smith sucking Trusty off. Scroll a bit further, and you’ll find several GIFs of the couple going at it in a variety of positions, and let’s just say Trusty is the definition of a dom top.

If you want to see the NSFW pics, click here.


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