19 Wild Moments From Hot Vet Evan Antin's Instagram

19 Wild Moments From Hot Vet Evan Antin’s Instagram

Wild Moments From Hot Vet Evan Antin's Instagram
Instagram / Dr. Evan Antin

Meet Dr. Evan Antin; he’s basically Superman. 

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Evan Antin, you must be living under a rock like a grub. Antin, 31, is an exotic and small animal vet who sees patients at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in Thousand Oaks, California.

In an interview with PEOPLE, the Kansas City native opened up about his life in and out of the operating room. “I was always going to the creek in my backyard and looking for insects and turtles and reptiles,” he told the magazine. “I’d take home what I found — a box turtle or water snake — and keep it as a pet for a week or two.”

Meet Dr Evan Antin

Celebrating #WorldVeterinaryDay with one of our favorites Dr. Evan Antin

Posted by PEOPLE Pets on Saturday, April 29, 2017

His childhood passion for animals eventually led to vet school at Colorado State University, and his Superman looks led to the title of PEOPLE’s Sexiest Veterinarian Alive. When he’s not seeing his wild patients, Antin enjoys traveling to some exotic to meet the wildlife. From visiting freshwater crocodiles in the Philippines and cleaning the teeth of primates in Indonesia to wrangling lizards in Botswana and hanging out with the echidnas of the outback, it’s safe to say Antin is well-traveled. “If it has good wildlife, maybe a jungle, cool people and neat history, I’m there,” he says.

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Antin identifies as an ally to the LGBTQ community. He lives Agora Hills, California, with his Chihuahua/toy fox terrier mix Henry, cats Willy, a domestic shorthair, and Damien, a Russian Blue, a mangrove snake, a monitor lizard and handful of fish.

Without further adieu, here are nineteen of our favorite moments from Antin’s Instagram.

Educating others about wildife is something I’m passionate about. I had a blast getting to do so at #NatureFest a few weeks ago in #Houston too. This snake is a Rock Python and it grows up to be Africa’s largest snake! Pythons are non-venomous ambush predators and kill their prey by constriction. Many people assume that the prey animals are asphyxiated (suffocated) but the actual killer is cardiac arrest! These snakes squeeze sooo tight that the prey animal’s heart can’t even pump blood to the body, the major blood vessels are occluded too. That’s a whole other level of constriction than just preventing the lungs from expanding. It’s pretty gnarly but I think less traumatic than being actually suffocated because one loses consciousness much faster and therefore suffers for only a few seconds. To be brutally honest, I think this would be one of the least painful ways to go in nature. Not to be morbid or gory but that would be so brutal to be killed by some of our “cuter” predators like cats, otters, octopus, owls, or seals! #sorrytobemorbid #natureisamofotho! #eatorbeeaten #everydayisastruggle #itgotweirdtho #mybad #justsaying #happysaturday?

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#TakeMeBack to the #Philippines ! #EndangeredSpeciesDay was this weekend and I couldn’t stop thinking about allllll of the special, endangered animals I’ve had the privilege of working with; thank you mister @joey._.brown for having me out for the crocs, you rock ???. I’ve been obsessed with crocodiles for as long as I can remember and seeing/tracking/tagging/vet’ing/releasing the Philippine Crocodile was indescribable-the most endangered crocodilian on the planet! FYI, crocodilian = Crocodiles + Alligators + Caimans + Gharials & Tomistomas. There’s less than 200 Philippine crocs in the wild-making it one of the most #endangered species on earth. What’s your fav endangered species?? #wildlife #conservation #biology #croc #vet #veterinary #travel #tropics #saveourcrocs #?#❤️

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FYI I named this gorgeous little boy “Pigeon!” I know what you’re thinking and I totally agree…Pigeon is best, cutest name for a fierce, little baby Crocodile EVERRRR! Thanks again to @joey._.brown for letting me name and release this handsome fella. And a recent update on Pigeon-he’s the most active and showing the biggest movement patterns of all 3 young crocs released from the Mabuwaya Foundation that day. FYI the hip backpack VHF tracker is for radiotelemetry purposes so Pigeon’s movements can be tracked from a distance by biologists in the field. It will eventually fall off and that will happen before he grows out of it. And it also has no negative affect on mobility. GOOOOO PIGEON! ??? #philippines #crocodile #wildlife #conservation #reptile #headstart #biologist #releaseday #vhf #radiotelemetry

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EXTREMELY VENOMOUS SNAKE: Gaboon Viper! Also one of my favorite snakes and I love getting the opportunity to work with them! This kiddo just needed a general exam. I could easily rattle off a couple dozen fascinating facts about these Vipers but the one I'm discussing in this video is this species' capability of RECTILINEAR motion (not "centripetal motion", sorry about that, idk where tf that came from, lol). This gorgeous specimen is a captive living snake in @libassa_wildlife_sanctuary and is a terrific ambassador for her species and reptiles in West Africa! Thank you @libassa_wildlife_sanctuary for taking great care of her ? Ok fine, you want facts!?… -Longest fangs of ANY venomous snake > -Ambush predators -Thick body and extremely fast strikers -Native to Sub-Saharan Africa -Prey items are primarily small mammals, birds and frogs -Primarily "Hemotoxic" venom (aka flesh destroying) -NOT a 'pit viper' like it's Crotalid snake relatives in North America (ie rattlesnakes). Thanks for watching and remember: snakes, including venomous snakes, are far more afraid of you than you are of them! #snake #gaboon #viper #africa #liberia #reptile #exotics #travel #oldworld #thiiiiiiick

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Almost New Years but I miss rattlesnake season! This big Southern Pacific Rattlesnake made my day when I found her over the Summer. Interesting fact about these rattlesnakes-they’re essentially in an “arms race” with their prey animals, the ground squirrel. The squirrels are evolving more resistance to the venom and the snakes are evolving to produce a more potent venom; a fascinating co-evolution ? However, don’t let that make them appear any more threatening to you! Rattlesnakes never bite unprovoked. If you keep a respectful distance you have nothing to be scared of. I also highly recommend rattlesnake avoidance training for pets that live near venomous snakes. Remember, rattlesnakes are extremely valuable to the ecosystems they’re native to. Respecting the overall ecology of a land most definitely means respecting them too! What’s your favorite snake species????? Please don’t ever handle venomous snakes unless you’re properly trained to do so ? #rattlesnake #snake #culebra #reptile #california #wildlife #conservation #respecttheenvironment #? #❤️

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I'm ashamed to say I'm a day late in celebrating #ReptileAwarenessDay because reptiles are who originally inspired me to do what I do today! Especially crocodilians (= crocodiles, alligators, caimans, gharials)❤️. ? I found this sexy #Yacare #Caiman in one of my absolute favorite places on the planet- The #Pantanal in #Brazil. It's a massive wetlands region in Brazil and absolutely loaded with gorgeous #wildlife. It's like the #Everglades on crack ?. ? This individual here is being so cooperative because she's in a "crocodile trance" aka Tonic Immobilization. When crocodilians are placed on their backs they go into this trance. The tough part is getting them on their back ?. FYI Sharks do something similar but by a different mechanism. And as you can imagine-getting a shark upside-down in water is not easy… ? I hope you all can take a moment to appreciate all the crocs, lizards, snakes, turtles, tortoises & tuataras out there! Each and every one of them plays a valuable role in the ecosystems they live in. And for the vast majority of reptiles please know there's no reason to fear them! Remember, they're far more afraid of you than you are of them! ????? #wildlife #conservation #ecosystem #reptile #herp #scales #niiiiiiiiice #sexytime #donttrythisathome #oronyourgf #oryourbf #oranywildlife

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I bet you've never seen one of these before!?? Meet "Apa" the Bush Dog! This is one of the rarest canids (=member of the dog/canine family) in the world and they're native to the #Amazon #Rainforest of #SouthAmerica ! This lil munchkin made my week ??? Bush dogs usually hunt in packs and can successfully predate animals far larger than them. Even tho they have short legs they can run for extended periods and with webbed feet they're excellent swimmers too. Apa was confiscated from illegal animal traffickers and will not be a releasable candidate for the wild but instead be a permanent resident at the @yanacocha_rescue This rehab sanctuary does wonderful things for Ecuador's native wildlife and I'm very thankful for centers like them and the countless people that volunteer their time in the name of wildlife ✌️Give them a follow if you like Amazonian #wildlife ? #ecuador #jungle #volunteer #whatdoyoucallahairlessbushdog #rawdoginthebush? or #barebush? #itsapreferencething #saveourwildlife #?

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#Cantbelievethishappened I am SO thankful for getting to be a part of the conservation efforts for the Green Sea Turtles hosted by @earthwatch ?? in collaboration with @maliburumus ? Did you know #GreenSeaTurtles grow up to be the 2nd largest sea turtle in the world behind the massive #leatherback? And they can live up to 400 years? And hold there breath underwater for up to 8 hours!? Sadly, sea turtle populations are dwindling because it takes them decades to reach sexual maturity and only about 1% of hatchlings survive to adulthood. Keeping tabs on these juvies is extremely important if we want to conserve the species and I'm endlessly thankful for organizations that help #willdife in need! #becausesummer #ad

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Here's another fun pic from my shoot with @basic_magazine recently. Thank you @mariuszjeglinski for capturing this special moment! Isn't this #reticulatedpython I'm wrapped up in a stunna! Did you know #retics grow up to be the longest snake in the world!?? Almost 10 meters!…I've caught a few in the wilds of #southeastasia but only juvies, <2 meters. They're non-venomous but have epic constricting abilities and that's how they subdue their prey items. Like all snakes, retics don't have ears but they do have another amazing sense…the ability to sense heat! Being often active at night they use the heat signature of potential meals (birds, lizards, mammals, fish) to find them ? Thanks again @priscilla_jocelynh for letting us play ? And scope out her page if you're a reptile fan like myself ??? #basicmagazine #snake #oldworld #exotics #wildlife #dontbeafraidofsnakesplease! #appreciatethem #theyaremoreafraidofYOUbtw #happyhumpday

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#tbt Amazon 2011 when I met some stunning "non-marine" mammals; Amazon River Dolphins! These mammals are completely freshwater living but still carnivores. I'm interacting with a small population here near #manaus #brazil in the Amazon. I don't always recommend interacting with wildlife or feeding them but these individuals have been a part of this small local village for many years and tbh when it comes to rural areas and how they interact with wildlife-trust me and be thankful they appreciate their presence and preserve them (and don't kill and/or eat them). The mentality of killing and often eating wildlife (nearly indiscriminately) is something I've seen in rural regions of nearly all of the 30+ countries I've visited including the USA btw. #throwback #dolphins #dolphin #amazon #freshwater #river #wildlife #animal #ilovebrazil #brazilian #latinamerica #international #travel #wanderlust #conservation #ecotourism #thesearenotmarinemammals #ificouldswimwiththedolphins #mrbroflovski #dolphinoplasty

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