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20 Titillating Photos From Instagram’s Hottest Husbands

Husbands Rick Twombley and Griff King

Husbands Rick Twombley and Griff King are Instafamous, and they’re taking their newfound fame to the bank.

About a year ago, the handsome duo started documenting their life on Instagram. With their alluring photos came a swarm of thirty followers. Their Instafame even caught VICE‘s attention and landed them an episode of “Fameish“.

Twombley and King’s Instagram, @rick_and_the_griffopotamus, invites fans into the most mundane and intimate moments of their lives. From Karaoking to cooking and showering to exercising, Twombley and King welcome everyone to tag along for the ride.

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As of today, the athletic twosome has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram and successfully evolved from an ordinary couple to Internet celebrities. Their photos often push the limits of Instagram’s Community Guidelines, but we’re not complaining.

Here are 20 of our favorite posts from Rick and the Griffopotamus!

1. When they went hiking. 

2. When they decided to play couch potato.

3. When they went on an Easter egg hunt. 

4. When they went on vacation. 

5. When they bummed around a beach. 

6. When they came out as vers. 

7. When they played video games all night. 

8. When they stayed in bed all day. 

9. When Griff rode Rick. 

So far 2018 has been a whirlwind of emotion, good and bad. Someone close to us who’s been very ill is only expected to be with us a few more weeks, and yesterday, we learned of the sudden and tragic passing of our buddy @mattpalazzolo . Both have hit us like a truck and make us reflect and attempt to regain perspective on this crazy ride of Life. • Life is short, life is tough, and life goes on. As systematic as it seems, don't forget to be human. Love more, laugh often, fail and learn, succeed and be humble, worry less, and be kind. Tell people what they mean to you when you can. Do this… because in a moment, it all will be over. . . . @two_kings_unlimited @the_griffopotamus . . #husbands #rickandgriff #lovewins

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10. When Rick showed off his eggplant. 

11. When they went skinny dipping. 

12. When they slept in late. 

13. When Griff checked Rick’s tan lines. 

14. When they rocked crop tops. 

Excuses to wear a crop top: • Because it’s hot. • Because it’s cold, and you want to BE hot! • Because you like pretending your bare belly is a drum! • Because you’re a strong independent woman, and you’ll dress as you damn well please! <tongue pop> • Because you’re a strong independent man, and you’re comfortable in your masculinity, bruh! <double tongue pop and circuit fan CLACK> • Because there’s less chance for accumulating belly button lint. • Because it allows easier detection and extraction of existing belly button lint! • Because you’re a lion, not a sheep! So why the eff not?!? <RAWR> • Because if 80’s Johnny Depp and Prince wore them, then it’s probably a good idea! ?????? Now that you have an excuse, make one out of an old T or buy one, and run around in it! Laugh in it! Have fun in it! Join the movement and #RockThatCrop #expressyourself #alpha #pup . . Our crops by @baldrick_benjamin

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15. When they flexed their glutes. 

16. When they made out in the shower. 

April showers bring May flowers? • This pic is a great time to repost this deleted caption from a few weeks back, and talk about a recent subject, which is people who seem confused or upset by what we present here on IG vs our “real life.” A few critics pop up once in a while with accusations ranging from us not being a real couple, to we only present IG content that’s perfect to cover up our deep unhappiness in our marriage, or that we are vapid attention seekers who need outside validation to feel complete. • We can confidently say that none of these are OUR reality (tho we do LIKE attention. we don’t need it to survive lol), and although most people are intelligent enough to get our schtick, here's a simple break down for those who are confused… • We are both highly creative professional artists, body/sex positive exhibitionists who work hard to be fit and healthy, and we're natural-born entertainers to the core. Our IG as the stage where all these elements intertwine…a ‘Drag Show’ of our life together. There’s a lot of sparkle, padding, tongue-in-cheek humor, sexuality, all contoured and highlighted to the most heightened representation of our inner divas! And like drag, it’s meant to entertain, provoke…but more than anything, leave you feeling GOOD! Also like drag, underneath the glitter and the ‘persona,’ are the REAL people, Rick and Griff, who we always hope shine…even through the sequins! • Do we always shower in sci-fi telepods with dramatic lighting and strategic posing? Of course not! Do we shower together everyday and scrub each other’s backs and pop each other’s zits? YES! The former is just a glamorized version of the latter, but both are us…we just choose to show ya’ll the prettier, less icky one! • So, if you find yourself rolling your eyes at what we’re doing, or upset, or confused, remind yourself that we’re here doing this for fun and not taking the whole thing too damn seriously, so maybe you shouldn’t either! And if you still can’t reconcile the differences between our real life and our social media ‘life’, then don't buy a ticket to the show!

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17. When Rick was on top. 

18. When Rick had VPL.

19. When Griff licked Rick’s pumpkin. 

Don’t worry, be happy now…. #husbands #lovewins #shithappens #crackASmile

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20. When they bulged out of their shorts. 


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