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Gus Kenworthy Talks Coming Out, Dating and Circumcision

This is a photo of Gus Kenworthy and Kyle Krieger.

Openly gay Olympian Gus Kenworthy came out to ESPN magazine, and since then he’s hit the gay-collab-circuit hard. At 24, his coming out was quick, and now he talks about life BCO (before coming out) openly. Kenworthy told, US Weekly, he “used to hook up with girls to be cool with the guys … There were times I would cry afterward.”

Since coming out, Kenworthy believes because he competes in a “rugged action sport” he’s “helping battle gay stereotypes.” In an interview with stylist, lube wrestler and Instagram celeb Kyle Krieger, Kenworthy said, “I hope that me coming out, and my [ESPN] cover, helps push the world — and sports especially — to a place where it isn’t a big deal to come out.”

In the interview, Krieger cuts Kenworthy‘s hair, and then they take off their shirts because … well, because they look good naked. Did we mention the boys discuss circumcision? Watch the video below!

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