Colton Haynes Posted a Very Revealing Photo on Instagram

This is a photo of Colton Haynes.

In less than a month, Colton Haynes went from closeted to out and very proud. The 27-year-old actor posted a photo on Instagram of himself wearing absolutely nothing. That’s right, he’s pretty unclothed, and were so close to seeing Haynes completely bare.

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Although, it’s a little disappointing, Haynes looks amazing — his body is on point. He cleverly captioned the photo “Happy #NationalSendaNudeDay everyone! LOL y’all r hilarious”, which makes it even hotter and gives it “purpose”.

Happy #NationalSendaNudeDay everyone! LOL y'all r hilarious this is obviously fake

A photo posted by Colton Haynes (@coltonlhaynes) on

Now, if we could get that kitty off of his cock, we’d be really happy campers. Oh well, he’s still hot AF. Just look at all those veins.


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