Ellis Lacy Will Teach You How to Put on a French Letter

This is a photo of Ellis Lacy.

Remember Ellis Lacy? He’s the 23-year-old guitarist who wowed judges during The X Factor U.K.’s 2015 season. Although his voice is solid, that’s not what caught our eye. Last year, Ellis documented his pumping journey on YouTube, and now he wants to teach you how to be safe.

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He’s so thoughtful, and his nipple piercings are on fleek. In the video, which he uploaded a few days ago, Ellis walks you through putting on a rubber step by step and it’s glorious. Fair warning: You should probably watch this tutorial at home, or if you’re at work, head to the men’s room.

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Not only is Ellis pretty excited throughout the video, he’s also uncut. So, if you’re not sure how to slide a French letter onto an intact peen, this 2-minute lesson is invaluable. If you’d like to watch the raw video, click here.

Watch Ellis Lacy’s tutorial!

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