The Ins and Outs of Booty Beauty With Dr. Evan Goldstein

Gay proctologist Dr. Evan Goldstein reveals the secrets to maintaining a wholesome hole.

In this week’s episode of the Pride podcast, gay proctologist Dr. Evan Goldstein (Bespoke Surgical, Future Method) explains the mysteries of “holes” to host Levi Chambers. Throughout the episode, Goldstein goes deeper and deeper into the complex world of sexual wellness for queer men.

In addition to the basics of butt stuff, he discussed the foundation of sexual wellness and its associated pillars: prevention, restoration, and reconstruction.

“The reality is that most non-gay proctologists don’t understand anal engagement from a sexual perspective.”

He touches on the dangers of over-douching and explained the importance of a balanced anal microbiome. Goldstein also described the perfect hole and even taught Chambers how to take a great belfie (butt selfie).

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The Ins and Outs of Booty Beauty With Dr. Evan Goldstein

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