David Archuleta Comes Out as a Top on TikTok

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David Archuleta is talking about his size and teasing whether or not he’s a bottom in a new series of TikTok videos.

David Archuleta is in his TikTok era, and we are here for it.

It all started when the American Idol alum posted a cheeky video stitched with another user’s. The creator took out a tape measure and pointed to the three-inch mark. They said, “If this is you, you need to lower your motherf***ing tone when you talking to me.” The screen then shows Archuleta singing his hit song, “Crush,” into a microphone without any sound.

Fans went wild at what the singer could be insinuating with this response. However, Archuleta quickly made another video explaining how he thought he was making a “short-person joke.”

“I’m 5’5”, but it’s not about that, is it?”

Fans went back and forth in the comments on whether or not they believed Archuleta’s story. In another video, the artist explained he grew up “hardcore Mormon” and “it’s gonna take me a while to catch up with y’all!” We love you, David.

Then in his next breath, Archuleta openly discusses his preferred sexual position in bed. In response to a comment that said, “I was gonna say, being a full time bottom isn’t so bad,” he had a lot to say.

“I’m sure that you’re absolutely right for other people out there. I’m sure that they would definitely agree with that. Couldn’t relate.”

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Replying to @Jay put this in drafts last night but since it looks like theres no going back from this point i mean ????????‍♂️

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David Archuleta Comes Out

David Archuleta’s journey of self-acceptance and living openly as a queer individual has not been without its challenges. During a concert in Utah, Archuleta faced backlash for discussing his queer identity. Undeterred by criticism, he took to Instagram to affirm his commitment to living authentically, no matter the obstacles. This bold stance in the face of adversity is emblematic of Archuleta’s courage and determination to be true to himself and support others navigating similar paths.

By choosing to share his life, struggles, and joys, he’s encouraged others to embrace their truths. His approachable and relatable social media presence serves as a reminder that at the end of the day, celebrities are navigating the complexities of identity and acceptance just like the rest of us. This blend of vulnerability and visibility is what makes Archuleta’s social media influence so significant—it’s not just about breaking down barriers; it’s about building bridges.

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David Archuleta Comes Out as a Top on TikTok
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