Customer Shows off His White Meat at KFC

This is a photo of a guy showing off at KFC.

When you go to Kentucky Fried Chicken, they usually ask “Do you prefer white or dark meat?” Apparently, some customers take the query quite literally. While visiting a KFC, several ravenous diners got way more than they paid for; a ridiculously hot guy pressed his white meat up against the window by their table.

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As our friends at Cocktails & Cocktalk pointed out, this was definitely a meal that was more than finger lickin’ good; it was embarrassingly delicious. Why lick your fingers when you could lick this hottie’s nuggets?

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The best part of the video isn’t the white meat, it’s the expressions on the customer’s faces. The girls shield their eyes and blush, while the guy’s mentally compare his meat to theirs and then call for a manager. Click here to watch the 15-second clip in all it’s glory!

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