15 Queer Women to Follow on TikTok

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Queer women on TikTok make the world go ’round!

If you’re like us, you’ve spent too much time on TikTok scrolling endlessly into the early morning hours. Even if that’s not you, there is always time to join in on the fun. TikTok gained popularity as a trendy dance app, but it has gained many users who create educational, funny, and inspiring content. Not to mention there is a great LGBTQ+ presence on the app! If you have not come across these accounts, we have listed some of our favorite queer women creators to follow. What are you waiting for? Scroll on!

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2022 Queer TikTok Accounts You Need to Check Out

Naomi @naomiheartsxo

Naomi is a proud trans woman and lifestyle influencer. She shares plus-size fashion, comedy skits and encourages her followers to love themselves.


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Aili (@aili.likes.adventure)

Aili is an adventuous travel TikToker to watch out for. She shares fun and entertaining storytimes while traveling all over the world. Aili recently visited Italy before catching a flight to Miami. Where will she go next?


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Abigail Barlow (@abigailbarlowww)

Remember “Bridgerton the Musical?” Abigail is one half of the dream team who brought it to life. She’s a rising bisexual popstar who frequently shares song ideas, dance videos and other fun moments from her life in LA. Follow along!


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Zoya Biglary (thezoyaroya)

Zoya Biglary is one impressive business woman. The 32-year-old created her own plant-based raw fish alternative called Fysh. When she’s not running her own company, you can see her going viral on TikTok for her fruit cutting videos, sharing stories about her Persian upbringing and hanging out with her girlfriend, Alix Traeger.


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Mac (@officiamacrose)

If you’re looking for fashion inspiration, check out Mac on TikTok. She’s a stylist in New York City who aims to help her followers feel confident in their clothes.

Dylan Mulvaney (@dylanmulvaney)

Trans rights activist and content creator Dylan Mulvaney is a joy to follow. She has been sharing her journey to girlhood on TikTok and posting about her many milestones along the way (like speaking with President Joe Biden and recently undergoing facial feminization surgery).


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Mercury Stardust (@mercurystardust)

Mercury Stardust, known on TikTok as the “Trans Handy Ma’am,” is a professional home maintenance technician, award-winning activist and a retired burlesque dancer.

Cy (@cylovesfrogs)

Cy is a foodie TikToker who posts delicious recipes that often include Asian cuisine. She also posts vlogs from her day, moments between her and her wife Cassandra and mouth-watering coffee videos.


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Megan Mitchell (@megan.mitchellll)

Megan Mitchell is a TV news reporter previously located in Cincinati, Ohio. She posts videos documenting her morning routine as well as fun moments at work. Megan brings LGBTQ representation to the news industry and encourages her followers to embrace who they are. She will next move to Dallas to report on LGBTQ stories.


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Zaya Perysian (@zayaperysian)

Zaya Perysian is a Black trans woman who creates educational videos to help de-stigmatize the lives of trans women on TikTok. She documents her journey and inspires her community through her content.


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Chrissy Chlapecka (@chrissychlapecka)

If you are ever feeling down, Chrissy Chlapecka will be there to pick you up. Her followers love her authentic content and her ability to call it like it is.


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Blair Imani (@blairimani)

Blair is a bisexual Black Muslim woman who posts educational videos to TikTok. She is also a blazing author, historian, and educator. Her series “Smarter in Seconds” aims to do exactly what the title suggests, help her followers gain important knowledge through short, digestible videos.


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Beautiful Queer Couples to Check Out

Kristie & Christine (@onairplanemode)

If you are looking for a fun, adventurous lesbian couple to follow, check out Kristie and Christine. This gorgeous couple shares moments from their travels to locations like Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, and the USA. They also share adorable videos about their relationship and funny skits.

Julie and Camilla (@julieevlorentzen and @camillalor)

Who doesn’t love a friends-to-lovers trope? Julie and Camilla will steal your heart the second you watch one of their videos together. Watch their videos to learn about their love story, gain fitness tips, and see what adventure they are taking on next! Julie recently announced her pregnancy, so prepare for baby updates.


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Adrienne and Janeeka Muse (@theemuses)

Adrienne and Janeeka Muse are your favorite queer aunties here to offer any advice you need. They post inspirational videos about their journeys, answer questions, and value self-love and spirituality.

15 Queer Women to Follow on TikTok
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