This Vibrating, Sucking Stroker Will Blow Your Mind

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When it comes to intimate playtime, mixing things up is key. We all get stuck in a rut sometimes. Whether we’re with new partners, the same partner or by ourselves, falling into a routine leads to one of the worst things we can think of — boring sex!

It’s no wonder so many couples are constantly looking for ways to “spice up their love lives” or why people look to new and exciting kinks to keep the spark alive. The same holds true for your collection of bedroom toys, too! Not only is it fun to add a new plaything every once in a while, it’s also important to think creatively when it comes to the toys you already have on hand.

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A go-to prostate stimulator doesn’t have to stay relegated to the bedroom, and you can breathe new life into your first vibrator in some clever and sensual ways. And that leads us to the Vibrating Sucking Stroker.

 Vibrating Sucking Stroker Vibrating Sucking Stroker Vibrating Sucking Stroker Vibrating Sucking Stroker Vibrating Sucking StrokerVibrating Sucking StrokerVibrating Sucking StrokerVibrating Sucking StrokerVibrating Sucking Stroker Vibrating Sucking Stroker

If you don’t already have this toe-curling contraption, now’s the time. And don’t worry, it’s not something that will get boring fast … or maybe even ever.

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Here are some tips to keep your Vibrating Sucking Stroker hot for as long as you are.

1. Switch up location
We often keep playtime confined to the bedroom. But that can get boring! The Vibrating Sucking Stroker uses a vacuum pump to simulate sucking sensations with nine different vibration settings. We bet you can find nine different locations to enjoy this toy, from around the house to office after hours!

2. Change position
Laying on your back may be nice and comfortable, but don’t assume it’s the only way to enjoy a sex toy. The stretchy sleeve fits perfectly over your shaft, making it easy to switch up positions without losing the mind-blowing sensation.

Try kneeling on your bed, thrusting your hips into the textured tunnel. Try standing in the kitchen, sitting on the couch — a simple change in scenery may be all you need to blow an extra hot load.

3. Add participants
Playing with toys doesn’t need to be a solo activity. Even with a toy like this, who’s blow job simulations will make you leak, can be better with a partner or two. Plunge balls deep into the Stroker while a partner plunges balls deep into you. Double penetration, double the sensation! Or flip it around and give a partner your best deep throat while pumping into the Vibrating Sucking Stroker.

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Heightened senses and increased play options make it feel like you’re having a whole new experience. Also, you don’t have to be a sex toy hog! Use the Stroker on your partner, watching their eyes roll back and their back arch. Flick your tongue against their balls or dive in for some hot rimming while using the Stroker — we bet they won’t last very long!

4. Make it a surprise
A well-timed surprise can add a whole new level of sexy to any situation. From an unexpected lunchtime tryst to a shocking new underwear purchase, keeping your partners on their toes is a sure-fire way to keep things steamy. If you’re playing with a partner (or two!) try saving toy time for a while into your next sex session. It doesn’t have to be the first thing you start with.

Enjoy some sensual foreplay, then pull out your Vibrating Sucking Stroker. The surprise immediately turns things up. You can also easily travel with the Stroker. Throw it in your next weekend getaway bag for some on-the-road fun. Hotel sex is already pretty hot — add a top-notch toy and you’ve got yourself a trip to remember!

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