5 Fun Places to Use the Twisted Rimmer Prostate Massager

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As we enter into the holiday season, it’s time to start thinking about those gift lists. What should you get for this person? What would that person find thoughtful? And while yes, this is considered the season of giving, don’t forget the importance of receiving, too. This goes for both presents and sex, of course.

While you’re browsing websites for the latest deals and hitting the mall for doorbusters, don’t neglect your own needs. Treat yourself! After all, it’s the holidays! And because you may not feel comfortable asking Santa to put a sex toy in your stocking this year, we recommend giving yourself the gift of pleasure this season. In fact, we recommend the Twisted Rimmer Prostate Massager from AdamMale.


This sleek toy is “a vibrating prostate stimulator that takes your pleasure to a whole new level. Dual motors each deliver 10 stimulating functions, while internal beads twist inside the shaft in two directions to provide the ultimate P-Spot massage.” It’s the perfect stuffer … for your stocking and your hole. Plus, nothing will relax you more this hectic holiday season than a solid anal orgasm every now and then!

if you’re ready to get rimmed, remember to use promo code GAYETY at checkout for 35 percent off one item and get free shipping the U.S. (Some exclusions apply.)

Here’s our list of five fun places you should use your new toy:

The Shower
The Twisted Rimmer is not only waterproof, it’s fully submersible. You can enjoy each prostate pulse and scrotum-tickling vibration in your favorite aquatic locale: pools, baths, hot tubs. But we recommend the good old fashioned shower. After you’ve unleashed your load, it makes for easy clean up and, depending on the size of your shower, could be the perfect opportunity to invite a friend in for some sexy, sudsy fun. We know that the shower is a popular place to sing to your favorite tunes, but with the Twisted Rimmer, you’ll be screaming a whole new song.

By the Fireplace
The weather outside is frightful; but the fire is so delightful! Whether it’s on a bearskin rug or your go-to sex towel, spreading your cheeks fireside can be hot — in more ways than one. While the logs crackle, stroke your own wood in time with the Twisted Rimmers dual motors, pushing every inch of its 5.25 insertable inches deep inside. Trust us, your chimney won’t be the only thing blowing into the night. Just make sure not to roast your chestnuts too close to the fire.

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In Your Car
Car sex may seem like something only high schoolers do, but why not tap into the adventurousness of your younger self? Whether it’s just you alone, or with a partner (or two), the Twisted Rimmer is compact enough to travel well, wherever you go. Make sure to charge it up before hitting the road, then hit that P-spot for a road trip you won’t soon forget. Whether you’re more of a “let’s get in the backseat” kind of guy, or if “let’s just lay down the front seat” is more your speed, the Twisted Rimmer is ready for all your auto-fantasies.

A Hotel Room
The last few weeks of the year are usually filled with holiday travel. You’re bound to end up in a hotel room or Airbnb at some point. Long travel days can turn into long vacation nights — what better way to wind down from the stresses of the day than a long, slow prostate massage that will help you with the ultimate release? Pack the Twisted Rimmer right alongside your toiletry essentials, because this toy will become a travel must on your packing list. There’s nothing like screaming in ecstasy through the thin walls of a hotel room to get your blood flowing to all the right places.

A Room That’s Not Your Bedroom
The laundry room. The kitchen. A patio. A friend’s room. Even your childhood bedroom at your parents’ house. Pounding your P-spot in a change of scenery can do wonders for your sex play. There’s something foreign and extra sensual about mixing up your sex location. While your bed is great, we’re sure, trying the Twisted Rimmer someplace different can add a whole new level of stimulation, making for quite the explosive results. Just make sure to bring a towel (or two) to mop up the mess you’re sure to make.


When it comes to pleasure AdamMale has everything you need. But don’t wait for what’s under the tree this season. Give the gift of mind-blowing prostate orgasms to yourself this year. And once armed with this top-of-the-line toy, give it a whirl in some of our favorite spots listed above. Don’t forget to use promo code GAYETY at checkout for 35 percent off one item and get free shipping the U.S. (Some exclusions apply.)Then let us know how it turned out! We bet you’ll have a story or two, and we can’t wait to hear all about it.

Do you have any fun, unique or different places you like to enjoy some solo (or partner) playtime?

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