Pure for Men Makes Power Bottoming Easier

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In the gay world, there are bottoms, and then there are power bottoms. Queer men use the term “power bottom” to describe two distinct types of bottoms. Some use the phrase to represent a person who is capable of bottoming often and for extended periods of time. Contrarily, others use the expression in reference to bottoms who like dominating their tops. For this article, we’re referring to the former.

If you enjoy adult entertainment, you’ve probably seen gay porn stars, like CockyBoy Levi Karter, take a serious pounding. Obviously, sex in porn is fantastical and unrealistic. However, if you understand your body, you can enjoy longer sessions of deep penetration.

Cocky Boys Levi Karter

First, let’s discuss an obvious obstacle: Being clean. During intense anal sex, nothing is more frustrating than being surprised by unpleasant odors. Everybody poops, but if you want to be a power bottom, being clean makes it a lot easier.

If you’re dirty and your man is pounding your hole, at some point things could get messy. The suction generated from prolonged penetration will surely dislodge some unpleasant debris. Yes, douching helps reduce the risk, but accidents will happen unless you prepare in advance. But, how do you prep your hole for peen?

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The best way to master your manhole is to control your diet and embrace supplements. Making smart food choices doesn’t mean you have to starve to power bottom. However, if you plan on getting plowed, watch what you eat. Instead of devouring a burrito for lunch, enjoy a fresh salad with lean protein. It’s that simple.

Cocky Boys Levi Karter

Eating light will reduce your risk of dirtying your sheets, but unfortunately, it’s still not enough. To become a verified power bottom, you must embrace the power of fiber, and there’s a not-so-secret supplement making bottoming way better.

Enter Pure for Men.

No, it’s not just another fiber supplement. Pure for Men is the Maserati of fiber supplements, and a must have for men who have sex with men. It contains superior ingredients like Psyllium husk, chia seed powder, and flaxseed powder, which work together to scrub your tubes from the inside out.

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Pure for Men allows you to boldly bottom even if you don’t have time to clean out, which makes taking it like a porn star much easier. The biggest hurdle in long bottoming sessions is in worrying about whether or not you’re clean. But, with proper preparation, you’ll find, when you feel fresh, you can relax and enjoy the pleasures of power bottoming.

So add Pure for Men to your daily regimen and get ready to arch your back and take it like a champ.

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