7 Simple Ways to Make Bottoming a Breeze

Shirtless man ready for bottoming.

From anal fissures to cleanliness, watching what you eat to lube choice, bottoming is not always the easiest thing. There’s a lot to think about, plan for and consider. But there are things you can do to remove some of the pressure, cut down on prep time and increase the pleasure. Here’s our simple checklist that will make bottoming a breeze.

1. Eat Right
No one wants to bottom when they feel bloated and gassy. It’s uncomfortable, you’re not sure how your body will react and you’re not sure things will turn out ok in the end. Identifying what kinds of food cause these unfortunate side effects is an important step to bottom mastery. For many people, things like dairy, fatty or fried foods, certain vegetables or lots of carbohydrates can lead to an upset stomach. But everyone is different.

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Try to cut out foods you know will make bottoming difficult, especially if you’re planning on having some fun that day. But to stay butt-prepared all the time, consider dietary changes, or even seek the advice of a food allergist to avoid aggravating foods long-term. You’ll also want to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and eating enough fiber (more on that below).

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2. Get Clean
Eating right will lead to better, more solid and less messy bowel movements. That said, it’s still nice to make sure the downstairs is ready for visitors. As we’ve said before, douching can be dangerous, but for those still looking for a clean work space, a quick shower and a soapy finger should do the trick.

3. Take Fiber Supplements
Remember that advice about fiber? Well, it’s no joke. Most of us get only about half the recommended amount of fiber in our everyday diet. While increasing our consumption of fiber-rich foods is a good first step, taking a fiber supplement is another safe bet.

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For instance, Pure for Men, a fiber supplement designed for gay men specifically, uses a combination of chia, flaxseed and psyllium. These ingredients expand as they move through your digestive tract, keeping things moving and collecting food and waste particles along the way. You’ll feel clean and ready to rumble in no time.

Man sleeping in bed

4. Lube, Lube, Lube
Sorry, Brokeback Mountain. Spit doesn’t cut it. Finding the perfect lube is a defining moment for every bottom. From water-based to silicon-based, flavored to warming, there are hundreds of options to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. But just like snowflakes, all of our bum-holes are unique, so finding the perfect love lotion to grease the gears is a real gamechanger. And once you’ve found the magic potion, just remember — there can never be too much lube!

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5. Practice Makes Perfect
Whether you’re a bottoming first-timer, a little out of practice or just a perfectionist, practicing really does make perfect. Keeping a trusty sex toy on hand to help loosen you up before a big date is a must, especially if you’re bottoming adventures are less regular than you may like. Whether it’s your go-to dildo or a handy butt plug, it’s always important to stretch before a workout.

6. Know Your Position
A master bottom may be able to jump right on and ride just about anything. But many of us need to ease ourselves in (or, more accurately, on) a bit. As you gain more experience bottoming, experiment with different positions, especially starting positions.

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Is it easier on your back? With you on top? Doggy style? Identifying the best way to start helps you get into the groove of things. Usually, once things take off, it’s easier to switch up positions, making it more enjoyable for you and your partner.

Man taking off his jeans in bed.

7. Have Fun
Yes, having fun makes a big difference in successful bottoming! Our state of mind plays a bigger role during sex than we may think. If you’re nervous, or unsure or not in the mood, bottoming can become a chore, even painful. Make sure you’re keeping open communication with your partner, letting them know what’s working for you and what isn’t. Staying safe and maintaining the fun of sex ensures a good time for everyone involved.

All these tips are sure to add up to many, many memorable romps between the sheets. Enjoy!

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