7 Toys That Prove P-Spot Play Is a Two-Man Job

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We all know some of the best gay sex involves the stimulation of the prostate. It can be done with fingers, a hard member — and yes, toys!

But toys aren’t just for solo play. In fact, introducing toys into the bedroom with your boyfriend, husband, partner or hook-up can really spice things up. If you’re planning to bottom, bringing a toy into the mix can be really exciting — it’s one thing to enjoy playtime by yourself, but having someone else insert a toy for you, that’s a whole other level of arousal. And if you’re topping in that situation, don’t be intimidated! Toys can be a great way to relax your partner, getting them hot and bothered for the main event — you!



Ready to explore some partner p-spot playtime? Here are seven toys (available at AdamMale) we think are perfect to get you started. And, if you use code GAYETY at AdamMale.com, you’ll save 35 percent off the highest priced item in your cart and free shipping on your entire order.

1. Aneros Mgx Prostate Stimulator
This little guys is a bestseller for a reason. It not only massages the prostate, but also puts pressure on the perineum (you know, your taint). The more you and your special someone use this, the better you’ll get at giving each other internal prostate orgasms. Yep, internal prostate orgasms — the best kind!

2. AdamMale P-Spot Extreme
This toy may seem crooked at a weird angle, but come on, we know getting a little angle on it during anal sex just adds to the pleasure! What’s even better — your partner can get this puppy vibrating inside you, sending waves of pleasure coursing through your body at multiple speeds. And as the product description states: “Three bulbs on the shaft provide more insertion and withdrawal delights.” Sign us up!

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3. Lux LX3+ Male Prostate Stimulator
It may have a complicated name, but the purpose is simple — pleasure! Described as the perfect toy for “the man who needs a change from the ordinary,” we think you and your partner would agree. It uses “PowerBullet” technology (sounds sexy) to send intense vibrations against your prostate, leading to stronger, more powerful orgasms. Sounds like a winner!



4. Njoy Pure Wand
If you and your man are looking for something sleek and sexy, we think this is just the thing. Eight inches of medical grade stainless steel, with one inch balls along the shaft — sex toys have never been so classy.

5. Men’s Pleasure Wand
With a name like “Pleasure Wand,” how can you go wrong? This waterproof toy comes in a red hot color, which is perfect, because you’ll be having red hot orgasms in no time. The prostate massager is paired with a scrotum massager, too, so you can hit all the spots at once.

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6. Tom of Finland Silicone P-Spot Vibe
He may be known for his art, but Tom of Finland also has a line of sex toys — and we couldn’t be happier about it. The Silicone P-Spot Vibe gives you “an erotic massage inside and out.” The great thing about this toy — you can wear it while jerking off or even while topping. See, we told you these toys were perfect for two!



7. Beginner’s Anal Fantasy Kit
Want to try a little bit of everything? This kit is for you. You and your partner can play with a prostate stimulator, anal beads, beaded probe stick, textured finger sleeve and butt plug. That’s a lot of anal play! We suggest taking a weekend and going hog wild. You won’t regret it!

So, still think toys are just for one? We hope not! Toys for two is how we like to tango — and we think you will, too.

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