6 Switch-Ups to Spice Up Your Sex Life

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It’s bound to happen to all of us at some point. We fall into a rut. The sex gets stale, formulaic or perfunctory. Whether you’re in a monogamous relationship, an open arrangement or flying solo, sometimes we just need a little spice to keep things interesting. Here are six things to switch up that’ll bring a little extra pizzazz to playtime.

Switch up location
For many of us, the bedroom is the go-to place for sex. After a long day, we cuddle in bed, either with some comfy pillows, or a partner (or two). And it’s for good reason this is a common sex spot — we’re wanting to unwind and get ready to sleep as deeply as possible, and few things help more than a little release. But this sex spot can get, well, boring, not to mention predictable.

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Next time you want to spice it up, think about taking the action somewhere else. Another room in your house, perhaps? On the kitchen counter? The patio? You could even make like Jack and Rose and hit it in the back seat of your car. A little change of scenery can go a long way.

Switch up roles
If you’re versatile, you may already be used to switching between top and bottom. But if you’ve historically been more bottom than top, or vice versa, think about swapping roles. And hey, you may even find yourself enjoying something you’d never thought you’d try.

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Switch up positions
Are you usually always on your back? On top? Doggy style? Well, now’s the perfect time to try something new. Try sitting in a chair, or sex in the shower, or even some complicated Kama Sutra human pretzel position. You may even find switching up your go-to position helps you hit that hard-to-reach P-spot.

Switch up toys
If you’re not currently using any toys during sex, it’s time to make a change. But chances are, even if you are using toys, you may be coming back to the same ones time and again. It’s always a good idea to keep the toy box stocked with exciting new discoveries. If you need to expand your collection, check out the selection at AdamMale. If you use promo code GAYETY, you’ll save 35 percent off the highest priced item in your cart and get free shipping.

Here are four tools we think will do the trick:

1. Fleshlight Turbo Ignition: This takes the traditional Fleshlight to a whole new level. It includes a ring that feels just like soft lips, a textured segment meant to simulate a tongue running along your shaft and a tunnel that feels just like a throat. Whether you like just the tip or a deep throat that’ll make your toes curl, this is the toy for you.

2. The Twisted Rimmer: For those looking to add a little butt play to the mix, this vibrating prostate stimulator is a must. With multi-directional rotating beads, twin motors and 10 stimulating options, that hands-free orgasm may be closer than you think.

3. Bad Boy Next Door Pierced Dong: Ever wondered what that hot guy next door was packing under those basketball shorts? Well, now you can role play your fantasy and sit on this realistic (and pierced!) dildo. Better yet? It features multi-speed vibrations, it’s waterproof and can also work with a harness. All your desires in beautiful 9.5 inches.

4. The Magnetize Stainless Steel Magnetic Ball Stretcher: Need a little kink in your life? This ball stretcher will do the trick. At a hefty 7.5 ounces, your family jewels are sure to get a nice workout. The magnetic locks make it easy to take on and off. Whether you’re having some fun alone time, or want to surprise your partner(s), this eye-catching toy should be on your list.

Switch up time
Are you usually a nighttime cummer? A morning masturbator? Change it up! Surprise your partner with a morning blow job if evenings are usually your thing. Even better, surprise them with some afternoon delight to really ignite some sparks!

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Switch up wardrobe
Peeling off the underwear you’ve been wearing all day may not be the sexiest thing in the world. Next time you’re planning a sexy surprise, consider some skimpy underwear, like a jockstrap or mess pouch. Better yet, roleplaying and costumes are famous for injecting some much-needed excitement into your sex routine. From police uniforms (with handcuffs, of course) to playing doctor, your imagination is the limit.

How do you like to switch it up to keep the fire alive?

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